UK meat supplier Chitty Food Group has been fined for breaching trade effluent limits at its Guildford abattoir.

The case brought by Thames Water has led to a large fine for the meat group, which now faces a GBP33,000 (US$52,665) bill.

The firm pleaded guilty on 13 August before Guildford magistrates to ten counts of breaching UK regulations between July 2007 and April 2008. It also admitted to failing to install and maintain an effluent meter, a further violation.

Tests on the effluent found that ammonia concentrations were nine times the permitted level. Levels of settleable solids were almost six times their limit, while fat and grease concentrations were seven times greater. The biochemical oxygen demand of the effluent was also 24% higher than it should have been.

Thames prosecuted Chitty for similar offences two years ago. The fine was GBP2,100.