Chobanis new ranges will launch in 2013

Chobani's new ranges will launch in 2013

US yoghurt producer Chobani has announced a raft of product innovations to launch in the New Year.

The range includes Chobani Bite snacks, Chobani Champions Yoghurt Tubes and Chobani Flip yoghurts with "crunchy" mix.

Chobani Bites are 3.5oz cups of blended Greek non-fat and low-fat yoghurt in four variants: Fig with Orange Zest; Caramel with Pineapple; Coffee with Dark Chocolate Chips and Raspberry with Dark Chocolate Chips Retails.

Chobani Champions Tubes are targeted at the children's market and are available in four flavours: Jammin' Strawberry; Chillin' Cherry; Rockin' Blueberry; and Swirlin' Strawberry Banana.

Chobani Flip is available in six variants including: Vanilla Golden Crunch; Key Lime low-fat yoghurt with graham crumble, and white chocolate Strawberry Sunrise.

Earlier this week, Chobani opened its second manufacturing plant in the US as it looks to cater for strong demand for yoghurt.

Chobani is the largest Greek yoghurt producer in the US by sales and has led the growth of the category in recent years. However, last month analysts at Sanford Bernstein claimed Chobani was losing market share at the expense of Danone.

Chobani is still seeing sales increase but not as quickly as its French rival but Sanford Bernstein believed the company could bounce back as it expands capacity.

"We believe that it will regain momentum given increased capacity and more tactical use of promo going forward," the analysts wrote.

In an interview with Reuters, Chobani founder and chief executive Hamdi Ulukaya said he was not interested in selling the business but he did not take a possible IPO off the table.

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Chobani Introduces New Product Innovations For 2013

Maker of America's #1 yogurt brand announces Chobani BiteTM, Chobani Champions® Tubes, Chobani FlipTM and Two New Chobani Fan-sourced Flavors

NEW BERLIN, N.Y., Dec. 19, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Chobani, America's #1 selling yogurt brand, is pleased to announce several new product innovations set to hit store shelves in January 2013:

Chobani Bite - A perfectly portioned, crave-worthy snack that hits the spot. Chobani Champions Tubes -Greek low-fat yogurt blended with real fruit available in grab-and-go tubes for kids to enjoy wherever they go. Chobani Flip - Authentic strained Greek yogurt paired with crunchy mix-ins let you flip and create your perfect mix. New 6oz. Chobani Flavors - Countlessly requested fan-favorites, Pear and Banana.

Whether you're on-the-go, need a snack to sink your teeth into or crave a dynamic mix-in experience - each of Chobani's 2013 products was purposefully created to bring consumers even more ways to enjoy Chobani Greek Yogurt. Each is crafted using Chobani's hallmark authentic strained Greek yogurt made with only natural ingredients.

"Our goal at Chobani is to continue building upon the limitless possibilities of Greek yogurt, and create innovative products specifically designed for usage occasions," said John Heath, Vice President of New Ventures and Innovation at Chobani. "Using consumer insights, we look across the pleasure spectrum - flavors, textures, taste combinations and packaging formats - to bring new excitement and enjoyment to our deliciously simple, authentic yogurt."

Chobani Bite - Meet Chobani Bite, an indulgent yet guilt free snack to sink your teeth into. Each Chobani Bite contains 8 grams of protein to help keep afternoon hunger pangs at bay and turn snacking into a mindful indulgence. These convenient, 3.5oz cups of blended Greek non-fat and low-fat yogurt come in four crave-worthy flavors:

Fig with Orange Zest Caramel with Pineapple Coffee with Dark Chocolate Chips Raspberry with Dark Chocolate Chips Retails for $2.99/4-pack. Available nationally January 2013.

Chobani Champions Tubes - No spoon required! Chobani Champions Tubes were made to give kids authentic strained Greek low-fat yogurt to enjoy on-the-go. Finally parents won't have to compromise nutrition for taste, as each tube is made with real fruit and only natural ingredients. Each tube provides little champs with a good source of Vitamin D and protein, so they're ready to rock wherever they go. Chobani Champions Tubes are available in four kid-friendly flavors:

Jammin' StrawberryTM Chillin' CherryTM Rockin' BlueberryTM Swirlin' Strawberry BananaTM Retails for $2.79/8-pk. Available nationally January 2013.

Chobani Pear and Chobani Banana - Chobani fans inspired the newest additions to 6oz Chobani flavors. After receiving countless requests, Pear and Banana will join the Chobani 6oz family. Each reflects Chobani's longstanding tradition for using only the best, real, fruity goodness paired with authentic strained Greek low-fat and non-fat yogurt.

Pear - creamy, non-fat yogurt flavored with subtly sweet chunks of real pear Banana - low-fat yogurt featuring real pieces of ripe banana Retails for $1.29/cup. Available nationally January 2013.

Chobani Flip - Mix things up a bit. Put some fun in your day with new Chobani Flip, available in the Northeast. Just flip the lid and add bold, delicious mix-ins to authentic strained Greek yogurt. These easy-to-grab, 5.3oz cups are available in six perfect flavor pairings:

Vanilla Golden CrunchTM - Vanilla non-fat yogurt with cornflakes, honey oats and pecans Key Lime CrumbleTM - Key Lime low-fat yogurt with graham crumble and white chocolate Strawberry SunriseTM - Strawberry non-fat yogurt with honey oats Honey BeenanaTM - Honey low-fat yogurt with banana Almond Coco LocoTM - Coconut low-fat yogurt with dark chocolate and sliced toasted almonds. Raspberry Choco Fix TM - Vanilla Chocolate Chip low-fat yogurt with raspberries Retails for $1.39. Available in the Northeast US in January 2013.

These new introductions will further revolutionize the dairy case, with exciting new ways for people to enjoy the brand they love, and fostering Chobani's industry leadership in the yogurt category. This success is further marked by Chobani's opening of the world's largest yogurt plant in Twin Falls, Idaho. Built in under a year, the new plant will allow Chobani to satisfy the increasing demands of "Chobani-acs" across the country.


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