Spain's quintessential lollipop maker Chupa Chups has launched an marketing communications  campaign to promote its lollipops as an anti-smoking aids.

The Barcelona-based company has teamed with Spanish anti-cancer lobby Asociación Espanola Contra el Cancer (AECC), to organise several events this year to swap pops for cigarettes and publish a study about how to quit smoking.
The campaign, dubbed 'Regala Salud' [Donate Health], began on 31 May (World Anti-Smoking Day), when Chupa Chups handed 20,000 lollipops to people in Madrid and Barcelona's subway networks and at hospitals in 53 Spanish provinces.

Under future initiatives, Chupa Chups will deploy a lollipop-stuffed bus to cris-cross Spain to spread the campaign's messages. Wrapping lollipops with anti-smoking tips is also on the drawing board, a
company spokeswoman said.

Chupa Chups launched the campaign after commissioning research that quoted 50% of former smokers saying its lollipops helped them drop the habit. The initiate also fits with Chupa Chups' strategy to launch 'value-added' products such as tooth-whitening and other sugarfree 'health-improving' pops.