The European food industry can likely expect the European Commission to focus less on aligning production with global markets and more on pro-actively maintaining food producers.

That is the clear message from a policy statement released to the European Parliament by Romainia's Dacian Ciolos, nominated the next EU agriculture commissioner.

Assessing a review of the EU Common Agricultural Policy for implementation beyond 2013, Ciolos said Europe's rural areas and agriculture would "thrive through diversity" and that the CAP should promote this goal.

Ciolos (pictured) indicated that he wants more direct payments to food producers rather than production-linked subsidies, with a safety net to prevent closures. He also said the EU needed to improve its crisis intervention, such as the recent dairy industry problems.

"An effective orientation of food production with the market, combined with mechanisms assuring producers sufficient security in crisis situations" is required, Ciolos insisted.