The export of citrus from Israel, once the flagship of its agricultural sector, was this year the lowest in volume since the end of the Second World War, amounting to just 15.8 million cases, against 18 million cases last year and 23 million cases two years ago. End of season figures show the largest decline in export volume was in shamouti oranges, lates and several varieties of easy peelers. The 1999/2000 export season expresses a 12% decline in volume compared with last year, and a 30% fall compared with the 1997/98 season.The Citrus Marketing Board of Israel general manager Mena Davidson explained that the decline in export volume this year was due to large supplies of oranges and easy peelers from Spain and Morocco, to unfavourable climatic conditions in Israel which damaged the quality of the shamouti oranges, and to the decline of the European currencies against the dollar, "which caused growers heavy financial losses."