Chief Veterinary Officer Jim Scudamore yesterday wrote to Michael Sheldon Chief Executive of the National Pig Association. Copy of letter follows: Michael Sheldon EsqChief ExecutiveThe National Pig AssociationPO Box 29072LondonEC2H 8QSDear Mr Sheldon CLASSICAL SWINE FEVER - ESSEX SURVEILLANCE ZONE 01 AND THE EXPORT BAN As you know, Commission Decision 2000/528/EC would permit export of live pigs and pig semen from Essex to resume from tomorrow, 15 September, conditional upon the UK informing the Commission and Member States by today that: (i) there have been no further outbreaks of CSF in Essex; and (ii) that all the clinical and laboratory examinations carried out on holdings where CSF has been suspected and all other holdings located in the protection and surveillance zones established around the infected holding have given negative results.