Clearly Canadian has issued a bullish forecast for the roll-out of its private-label organic baby food in its domestic market.

The company, which owns the My Organic Baby business, said it expects to reach 1,250 stores in Canada by the end of the year.

David Reingold, president of Clearly Canadian, said: "Several major retail customers have already chosen to private label our superior line of Organic Baby Food products."

Clearly CEO Bobby Genovese said that the company's two-pronged sales strategy was paying dividends in Canada and gave it hope for future success south of the border in the US.

"Our goal is to dominate the organic baby food sector in Canada, and with these new agreements in many cases the only two brands offered will be either the company's brand - sold to them by us - or our premium My Organic Baby line. Either way we win," Genovese said.