Douglas Daft, CEO of Coca-Cola, has revealed his dream plan of piping the company's flagship soda drink straight into people's homes.

Daft has ploughed venture capital into the pipedream, despite noting: "there's not a market yet. People still like to physically go and buy things, but one day, yes, this will be a reality." A New York innovations unit is now busy creating the system necessary to bring Coke to private houses' taps in the same way it is currently channelled into pubs and fastfood outlets.

"We have developed a prototype," said Daft. "You would have water mixing automatically with the concentrate and then connect it all up so that when you turn on your tap, you have Coke at home.

"There's a lot more to it than that to ensure quality," he added, however. "it has to be a sealed unit so people can't alter the formula to destroy the value of the brand."