Coca-Cola faces Twitter backlash over "sexist" ads

Coca-Cola faces Twitter backlash over "sexist" ads

Fairlife LLC, the dairy company owned by The Coca-Cola Co and Select Milk Producers, downplayed the significance of milk adverts that have prompted criticism on social media over their "sexist" content.

The ads, which show women scantily clad in dresses made of milk, sparked outrage on Twitter this week with commentators linking to #everydaysexism.

A spokesperson for Fairlife told just-food that the marketing material referenced was an "outdated campaign" that ran in a "test market". The campaign stopped in June this year, the spokesperson added.

The group's premium Fairlife Ultra-filtered milk brand, which will be distributed by Coca-Cola's Minute Maid division, is currently only available in three markets: Minneapolis, Denver and Chicago.

"The product itself will not be nationally distributed until next year with a new ad campaign," the spokesperson stressed.