The European Commission has approved the acquisition of Hendrix Meat Group (HMG) by Sovion under the EU merger control regulation.

Following the merger, the new company will be the largest player in its sector in The Netherlands and one of the largest in Northern Europe, but the Commission said it has concluded that the transaction would not significantly impede effective competition in the various markets where the parties operate.

Sovion (formerly known as Best Agrifund) is a Dutch company active, through a great number of subsidiaries (such as Dumeco, Bestmeat, Sobel, Rendac) in a variety of sectors, most importantly slaughtering of pigs and cattle, the processing, production and sale of meat products and processing of abattoir by-products as well as the production and sale of products made from abattoir by-products (such as gelatine). Sovion is mainly active in The Netherlands, Germany and Belgium.

Hendrix Meat Group is active in the slaughtering of pigs and the processing, production and sale of meat products. HMG's main geographic focus is the Netherlands.