The European Commission has launched five European Union (EU)-funded food-related research projects.

At a ceremony on 11 October in London, the Commission announced details of:

  • Europrevall, which aims to reduce the potential within foods to spark allergic reactions, improve food allergy diagnoses and investigate how processing methods can increase allergenicity;
  • Repro-food, which will reduce the environmental impact of food waste through cutting landfilling and related noxious smells, while promoting eco-friendly processing methods and the use of natural ingredients;
  • Trace, whose aim is to improve the traceability of food products across the EU, notably by assessing existing food tracing systems regarding their cost effectiveness;
  • Biocop, where scientists will screen foodstuffs for chemical contaminants, including pesticides, toxins and drugs, using highly novel techniques; and
  • Eurofir, whose participants will build a food composition database, focusing on nutrients and emerging bioactive compounds with potential health benefits.