A European Commission discussion paper has proposed the use of labelling and other means to encourage consumption of quality farm foods produced in the EU.

"As globalisation fans out and the world shrinks, emerging countries with low production costs are turning up the heat on EU farmers," the discussion paper on food policy said.

The paper examines questions around the EU's policy on organic farming, protected food product names and how to promote European foods within the EU.

A spokesperson for the Commission told just-food that a "Green Paper on regulating the quality of agricultural products" will be discussed in October.

"The Green Paper will explore ideas for farmers and producers who want to valorise their production or orient production towards quality and better meet consumer demand," the spokesperson said.

"The document will ask for contributions and views for developing regulatory measures to facilitate production and marketing of products having particular qualities and characteristics. In particular, the Green Paper will seek the views on the development of existing EC quality schemes for geographical indications and traditional specialities."