Farming leaders are meeting Agriculture Minister Nick Brown today to discuss compensation for pig farms hit by the swine fever outbreak.The European Union partially lifted its ban on the export of live English pigs and pig semen on 22 August. But animals from Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex remain subject to curbs following the outbreak in East Anglia at the start of the month.Mr Brown has pledged to help farmers directly hit by the outbreak ahead of his meeting with representatives of the NFU, National Pig Association and the Meat and Livestock Commission at the Ministry in London.Swine fever was first reported on five farms in East Anglia and although seven farms have since been cleared, tests remain to be completed on around 30 more.It is difficult for them to predict when the disease would eventually disappear from East Anglia as the incubation period could last up to 21 days.However, a decision to lift the ban for the whole of East Anglia could be made at the next EU veterinary meeting on 5 September.To find out more about Swine Fever