US food giant ConAgra Foods has pledged that it will look to remove more salt from its products amid growing consumer concern about the level of salt found in processed foods.

ConAgra said it had already made moves to cut sales from its major brands, including Banquet, Kid Cuisine and Marie Callender's

The company said its initiatives had removed around 2.8m pounds of salt a year from US diets.
"We have focused our efforts on improving the nutritional profile of many of our foods, including successfully reducing sodium content in our top-selling products," said Al Bolles, the company's executive vice president, research, quality and innovation.
Bolles said the focus had enabled ConAgra to reduce sodium by 15% to 20% in many products without compromising taste, adding that the company plans to continue to take action in this area.  "With continued focus and investment, we are confident that we will remove even more salt and provide consumers with more healthful food choices," Bolles said.

ConAgra's move to go public with its pledge on sodium comes amid growing consumer concern in the US about the level of salt in food.

Last week, the US Food and Drug Administration held a public hearing on its policies on salt and sodium following pressure from consumer groups to tighten laws governing the level of salt found in processed foods.

The Center for Science in the Public Interest wants the current classification for salt - that it is "generally recognised as safe" - to be revoked and for the ingredient to be reclassified as a food additive.