The UK Consumers' Association (CA) this week accused food manufacturers of printing dubious health and nutritional claims, and called on the Food Standards Agency (FSA) to 'name and shame' culprits.

The CA itself issued a press release naming a group of manufacturers and products that it believes are misleading consumers. Many products fail to make it clear just how much fat they contain, for example.

The FSA welcomed the research, adding that it is already "pushing very heavily in Europe" for the food labelling system to be reformed.

Sheila McKechnie, Director of the Consumers' Association, said: "Some manufacturers are getting away with seriously misleading descriptions about the contents of their food products. They must stop trying to fool consumers and be more honest about their goods.

"The FSA and the EU have a part to play in regulating the producers, but consumers' own confidence in the food industry would increase if manufacturers were simply more honest about what is in the food we eat."

To view the CA release, click here.