High street supermarket chains Kwik Save and Somerfield has reported a dramatic increase in sales by more than 50 per cent as consumers continue to abandon their cars and shop locally.The petrol revolt which has brought Britain's roads to a grinding halt has led frustrated consumers onto the high street, where shopping baskets have been swapped in favour of the supermarket trolley.Logistics director, Martin Oakes, explained: "The Government has said that it will take three weeks for everything to get back to normal. We've now secured fuel supplies for all our depots to ensure our stores are well stocked. "We are also working with our smaller suppliers to make sure that availability is strong throughout all our stores. We have teamed up with more local producers over the last two years and it is important that we help to minimise the damage caused to these small businesses due to the fuel crisis.He added: "The main problems have been with people panic buying which triggers off a chain reaction causing others to do the same. If people buy sensibly then there is enough for everyone."The biggest increase in demand has been for fresh foods such as bread and milk, where supplies have been selling out within hours of the stores opening. We have been experiencing a Millennium Eve all over again, where customers have been stockpiling on a range of items which includes baby foods, toilet rolls, pet foods, and perhaps more unusually even hair care products and deodorants."