Consumer demand and a bid to improve efficiency are behind Dean Foods' launch of chocolate milk brand TruMoo across the US.

The company, the largest dairy processor in the US, has rolled out TruMoo throughout the country after tests in the north-east and on the Pacific coast.

Dean Foods has touted TruMoo as a "better-for-you chocolate milk" with "lower sugar, fewer calories and no high fructose corn syrup".

The company said it has converted "virtually all" of the flavoured milk sold under its regional brands to the TruMoo label.

A spokesman for Dean Foods said there were "primarily two reasons" for the moves - consumer demand and efficiency.

"We recognised growing consumer interest in reduced calories, fewer grams of added sugar and the use of high fructose corn syrup as a key ingredient in flavored milk," he told just-food today (31 August). "In addition, reformulation and standardisation across our brands allows for flavour consistency across geographies, labeling consistency, cost savings through common ingredient procurement and the opportunity to advertise a single brand across geographies, maximising marketing opportunity."

TruMoo labels will include a regional dairy "overbrand", which, the spokesman claimed, would help consumers "know they are buying from a brand they know and trust, with heritage and a reputation for quality." He added: "The regional dairy branding also helps convey that TruMoo is processed nearby, made with the same fresh white milk sold in the regional branded white milk in the dairy case."

The TruMoo milk sold in US retail outlets will contain 1% fat, 150 calories and ten grams of added sugar, with "some regional variations", Dean Foods said.

TruMoo milk available in US schools is fat-free, contains 130 calories and also has ten grams of added sugar. There has been some debate in the US about serving flavoured milk in schools amid concerns over child obesity, with some introducing bans.

However, Dean Foods said the lower sugar and lack of high fructose corn syrup in TruMoo meant it "represents a win-win solution" for serving flavoured milk in schools.