Almost a quarter of US consumers would avoid purchasing any products made by the manufacturer of a recalled product, new research has revealed.

A poll by Harris Interactive shows that some 79% of Americans were aware of food recalls over the last three years, with about a third considering them a serious concern. While 55% said they would change brands temporarily if faced with a safety recall, 15% would never again purchase the recalled brand and 22% would stop buying that company's goods.

The report also highlighted consumer confusion over brands and corresponding recalls. For example, only 2% of respondents identified Oscar Mayer as the producer of the cooked chicken that was recalled due to concerns over listeria contamination last winter, while a full 14% incorrectly associated it with Tyson Foods.

However, ConAgra's peanut butter recall stuck with consumers, with 42% correctly recognising Peter Pan and Great Value as affected brands. Nevertheless, 12% of respondents thought two other unrelated brands were also involved.