UK consumers want products containing GM foods to be flagged through a labelling scheme designed to encourage transparency and consumer choice, a new study has found.

The research, funded by the UK's Food Standards Agency (FSA), concluded that there is "widespread" support among consumers for the labelling of all GM food products, including those where GM is used in animal feed or as a processing aid.

"There was a lack of knowledge about how labelling and regulation currently works and a view that the current system is confusing," the report found.

According to the study, Exploring Attitudes to GM Food, there is also a certain amount of mistrust surrounding the current delivery of information on GM foods.

Consumers want information on the extent to which GM is available, potential long-term personal and social consequences of GM foods, and GM's potential impact on the environment and animal welfare, the study suggested. They also want information to come from a variety of different sources, including supermarkets.

The work, which was carried out by the independent National Centre for Social Research, will be considered by the steering group that has been set up to shape and carry out a GM Dialogue, which the government has asked the FSA to take the lead on.

The steering group aims to determine how the public can be informed on and involved in discussions on GM food.

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