Most people do not enjoy their breakfast, according to food and grocery think-tank the Institute of Grocery Distribution. That means a huge opportunity for the food industry to innovate in the breakfast market, it says.

According to a new report from the IGD, "Breakfast - The main meal of the day," 81% of people eat their breakfast at home on a weekday, but only 18% enjoy it. "There is a huge opportunity to enhance the appeal of breakfast," said Joanne Denney-Finch, IGD chief executive. "Breakfast is still perceived as the most important meal of the day, yet we all eat the same things and few people think creatively about what they could eat when they plan their shopping."

Shoppers wanted convenience and variety in their breakfast and they would welcome new ideas, the IGD said. "Product development in the breakfast market must continue to focus on foods that can be prepared in a matter of minutes, create little washing up, and potentially can be eaten on the go," she said. "The breakfast market has the potential to develop into an even more exciting and innovative sector, strengthening the position of breakfast as the main meal of the day."

Breakfast at the weekend was completely different. IGD found that the proportion of people eating cooked breakfasts quadruples at the weekend and they want more indulgent foods. "This segments the breakfast market into two clear occasions - weekday or weekend/convenience or indulgence and IGD believes there is a demand for much greater product variety."