is changing the way America does cookie at a time. The company sells delicious cookies that feature a company's logo, product and/or service printed right on the cookies. And businesses are eating up the idea.

Billboard Cookies boast four-color photographic reproductions of artwork, photos and/or graphics. The images on the cookies are formed from multi-color food dyes that are applied by a special laser printer. The results are high-resolution images that businesses and their customers are biting into with zest. founder, Jay Schorr, says Billboard Cookies offer businesses a unique, cost-effective way to spotlight a company's products and/or services. "Billboard Cookies are the perfect promotional items for distribution to current and prospective customers, and are a cost-effective complement to a company's marketing, advertising and public relations programs," Schorr said.

According to Schorr, Billboard Cookies:
    Help generate new business.
    Help ensure repeat business.
    Are great for trade shows.
    Help generate customer referrals.
    Engender customer and employee goodwill. can take any graphic or photo and print it on delicious cookies that measure 3" in diameter. These cookies can be custom-tailored to a customer's specifications. also offers sheet cakes featuring corporate logos, products and/or photographs. is part of the America Chews company, a Miami-based Internet entertainment and marketing firm that specializes in niche product creation and marketing. America Chews also produces a line of cookies in the likenesses of this year's presidential candidates -- the America Chews 2000 Cookie Poll ( The company also produces corporate and team logo cookies, college logo cookies, and a line of Disaster Cookies such as Earthquake Cookies which feature a crack down the middle of the cookie and the slogan, "If you don't like the cookies, it's no fault of ours."

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