EverythingAboutFood.com is pleased to announce their new service which allows anyone to submit a recipe and receive their own recipe web page. Individuals may submit as many recipes as they like, creating their own personalized collection of recipes. Some submissions may even be chosen to be featured as the "Recipe of the Week" and receive permanent placement on the "Recipe" page. "This is a great concept," says Julie Fisher of Sedona, Arizona. "I'm putting all of my favorite family recipes on my site for all of my relatives back east to enjoy."Everything About Food is an innovative and informative gateway to the world of food, providing the most current food and nutritional news, recipes and over 500 links to today's top food Internet sites. The staff does an exceptional job of decoding and deciphering the overwhelming amount of current information to deliver one site where you can easily find "everything about food." Another unique feature is the "Food Science 4 Kids" page where children of all ages can learn the basics of food technology by performing simple food science experiments.Other topics of interest include: Beer & Wine, Cooking Tips, Dieting Tips, Events & Shows, Food Additives, Food as Medicine, Food Banks, Food Industry & Technology, Food Research, Food Recalls, Groceries Online, and Nutrition. In addition, the weekly news digest will keep people informed of important food allergy alerts, food recalls and food safety updates.More information can be found on the company's web site at