A US consumer pressure group has asked the country's food regulators to tighten laws governing the level of salt found in processed foods in the country.

The Center for Science in the Public Interest wants the current classification for salt - that it is "generally recognised as safe" - to be revoked and for the ingredient to be reclassified as a food additive.

The CSPI is lobbying the FDA to limit the amount of salt found in processed food and to require companies to give more information about the salt and sodium content in their products.

The CSPI launched its most recent push for tighter regulations on salt in 2005. Cutting salt intake is linked to lower blood pressure and lessens the chance of heart disease or strokes.

The FDA is reported to be ready to hold a public hearing on the CSPI's requests on 29 November.

Officials at the FDA could not be reached for immediate comment as just-food went to press.