CWS will rollout its new Market Town concept to more than 400 supermarkets by 2002 at a cost of over £200 million.The announcement is marked with the opening of the retailer's new Market Town supermarket in Maltby in South Yorkshire last week. The £3 million, 14,000 sq ft store will be the model for both new and refitted CWS supermarkets across the UK.A total of 30 stores will be completed by the year end and CWS will invest £45 million in converting more than 100 supermarkets in 2001, completing the 400 plus Market Town store programme the following year.The concept was first introduced in Aberlour in Scotland last December and has been refined following trials this year at three new stores and eight refitted supermarkets in Scotland and the Nottingham area. Sales at the stores have exceeded expectations by an average 20 per cent.The new format is designed to offer facilities, services and a product range expected in much larger stores and combines a modern shopping environment with a strong local identity. Its introduction is in response to extensive customer research which clearly showed consumers seeking the alternative to superstore shopping offered by the Co-op's local supermarkets but demanding an enhanced service particularly on range and the provision of a modern shopping environment.Key elements of the Market Town concept include: