SEOUL, March 9 (Reuters) - South Korea's Daehan Flour Mills Co Ltd bought 22,200 tonnes of U.S. No.1 wheat from Japanese trading house Kanematsu Corp via tenders on Friday, traders said.

Shipments are between April 25 and May 25 to the port of Inchon, traders said.
The tenders were split into four lots and details are as follows:

Type of wheat                  Tonne  Price(FOB/T)
Western White/Soft White       2,000  $122.36
(protein minimum 10 percent)
Western White/Soft White       5,700  $122.36
(protein maximum 8.5 percent)
Hard Red Winter                6,600  $144.95
(protein minimum 11.5 percent)
Dark Northern Spring           7,900  $157.75
(protein minimum 14 percent)*.

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