Dairy Crest has unveiled plans to invest in the first ever on-pack promotion for its Utterly Butterly brand in a bid to drive awareness and increased sales.

The "Utterly Irresistiballs" promotion will run across 10m 500g packs, using a lottery ball style mechanic that offers consumers the chance to win 10,000 instant prizes, ranging from a tub of Utterly Butterly to a GBP10,000 jackpot.

The company is also refreshing the Utterly Butterly website and the competition drives entrants to the site to play the lotto-style game.

"The on pack promotion reflects Utterly Butterly's distinct fun personality and targets the brand's core consumers who love games and light entertainment shows," said marketing director Paul Fraser.

"We're confident that the Utterly Irresistiballs promotion mechanic will drive growth and awareness of the brand with both existing and new consumers and will encourage growth across the whole category."