Dairy farmers are facing threats of legal action after refusing to pay compulsory membership fees to the Queensland Dairyfarmers Organisation (QDO). According to the farmers, the state government controlled body was instrumental in destroying the dairy industry through the implementation of deregulation last summer.

About 100 farmers are facing legal action, and members of the Australian Milk Producers Association have said that they are prepared for a battle.

Shane Paulger, president of Association Queensland, commented: "We'll go to court rather than pay fees, which range up to about $3000 a year, to a body which has not only failed abysmally to represent our industry, but was so totally wrong in its advice to farmers on the impact and cost of dairy deregulation. Morally, and in principle, we have decided to take a joint stand in court if need be."

"Why should dairyfarmers, who are destitute because of deregulation, be forced to pay fees to a body they don't want to be a part of?"