The country's giant dairy cooperative TINE has been working to restore credibility after media reports revealed that their sell-by date for milk was extended for up to four days during major holidays.
Newspaper Tønsberg Blad cited TINE employees who confirmed retailer claims that the company lengthened milk shelf life for Christmas and Easter.
TINE production chief Aksel Njøsen admitted that there was no qualitative difference between holiday and regular milk, explaining they were confident the milk was good enough to be stamped for a few extra days.
The Consumer Council questioned whether the revelation implied that TINE usually sets their sell-by date early, implying it could be a ploy to boost turnover and sales.
An internal check prompted the company's information chief, Kari Raudokken, to acknowledge that there had been a gap 'between theory and practice' and that their product life limit of ten days would now be strictly implemented.
Raudokken denied that TINE was speculating with dating to drive up sales.