A new company called Dairy Partners has acquired the Offredi Cheese business and premises in Gloucestershire and is planning to develop what it claims will be Europe's most advanced independent
industrial cheese and dairy ingredients manufacturing facility.

The development of the unit, which Dairy Partners expects to be in full production by autumn 2008, marks the return to the cheese industry of the Bennett and Peel families following the sale of their Meadow Cheese business to the Irish Dairy Board in March 2003.

"We see  the  future success  of our industry in breaking the ties to dairies and regions and instead
sourcing ingredients worldwide so the UK focus is on processing, preparation and R&D excellence," said Robert Peel. "Milk production in the British Isles is falling and  production costs increasing and this is a long-term trend. We will have the independence to source the best products and at the best prices on the international markets and the very  latest technology, plant and expertise to work with our customers  to
improve value, functionality and flavour."

Dairy Partners expects to begin trading in September.