French dairy, juice and soup products maker Laiterie de Saint-Denis-de-l'Hôtel (LSDH) is investing EUR40m in the expansion of two plants in over the next three years.

LSDH suppliers retailer-brand products including milk, fruit juices and soups to chains including Carrefour, Système U, E. Leclerc and Auchan.

At one of the plants, the construction of a 12,000 sqm warehouse will free up space to add three production lines. At the other plant, a second bottling line will be introduced and storage facilites will be extended.

The investment programme is expected to lead to the creation of 70 jobs, taking LSDH's total workforce to close to 600 by 2015.

"The company's growth has been driven by product diversification. The new investment programme will allow us to carry forward this strategy and offer our customers more efficient production processes and greater innovation in packaging solutions," a spokesperson said.