Dairy.com is set to roll out its long awaited B2B e-marketplace to the dairy industry today, the first of five platforms that aim to establish the site as the definitive resource for the sector.

Founded in July 2000 by a consortium of eight leading dairy companies, the site is committed to representing all segments of the dairy industry and the market place is designed to leverage the power of the Internet to maximise efficiency in the buying and selling of dairy commodities. The pilot of this platform processed transactions that totalled around US$18m from just 100 plants.

Parent company Momentx, forged last December by a merger with dairy.com and the food and drinks e-market INC2inc, believes that industry expertise combined with technological knowledge will prove a successful combination.

Enjoying a rare advantage in the online world of being launched with liquidity, dairy.com has already secured the support of 34 major dairy players, who have all agreed to trade on the site. Executives at Momentx stress that the business model is sustainable and will not succumb to the difficulties that plague other e-commerce sites.