Danisco A/S has initiated negotiations with the Dutch producer of frozen potato products, Lamb-Weston/Meijer v.o.f. (LWM) for the takeover of Danisco Foods' activities in frozen potatoes and French fries in the Netherlands under the brand name of Fri-d'Or®.The business in question is Danisco Foods (BT) B.V., which includes two Dutch plants located in Bergen op Zoom and in Tilburg. The prospective sale of the potato activities will affect 300 employees in the Netherlands of Danisco Foods' 850 employees.If the activities are sold to LWM, Danisco Foods will still comprise the following activities, which are set to be divested in separate parts: frozen bakery and condiments, including fried onions and marmalade. The brands include Bähncke®, Mette Munk® and Skælskør®.