Danisco has launched a dessert concept called 'Sweet as you like', which offers four dairy desserts in one pack.

The company said it had conducted consumer research in a number of European countries in the development of the concept, which it said caters both for the consumer need for convenience as well as an increasing desire for 'homemade' food.

According to Danisco, the 'Sweet as you like' desserts can take a variety of forms, ranging from sauces, panna cotta, to whipped topping or ice cream. The texture opportunities of 'Sweet as you like' include liquid, creamy and gelled, aerated and aerated and frozen.

"The product caters to the indulgence market for convenient products, but the desserts that can be made from it are at the same time 'homemade' in the sense that the consumer makes the decision on which of the four fast and easy desserts to prepare," said Linda Friis, senior application specialist at Danisco.

Several major companies in the Western European dairy sector are currently testing 'Sweet as you like', Danisco added.