Danish food ingredients firm Danisco has launched two new enzymes for the baking industry, the first major result of its multi-year research and development programme with Genencor, which it acquired earlier this year.

Danisco said it sees significant business potential from the two new enzyme products, primarily for the baking industry where its market share is around 20% already.

The first of the products, GRINDAMYL POWERBake, is a strengthening enzyme (glycolipase) for the baking industry. It can make flour perform more effectively in the baking process and is an important factor in optimising the industrial bread production processes.

GRINDAMYL MAX-LIFE is an enzyme (special amylase) that helps maintain the soft and fresh texture in bread and prevents the development of a dry and hard crumb structure and crust. This is an important functionality for the baking industry, as it extends the shelf life of bread, reducing retailers' waste. The main application is in sandwich bread products.