Food ingredients company Danisco has launched a new stabilizer product for use in low fat ice creams.

The company described the product, called the Grindsted IcePro SS, as an indulgent treat that reduces fat content while also trimming production costs.

Its cheaper price is attributed to lower butterfat use.

The new line makes up soft serve ice cream, cutting fat from the traditional 5-7% to as low as 1%.

It said the fat reduction does not negatively affect taste, flavour or product stability.

"Soft serve ice cream is traditionally eaten away from home, so it really stands out as a special eating occasion," said Jennifer Lindsey, dairy industry manager of Danisco. "With studies that show texture and flavour perception inextricably linked, it is important to ensure the entire eating experience lives up to expectations. Now consumers can actually indulge in a healthier product that still provides all of the fun and enjoyment they expect from soft serve ice cream."

Danisco added that taste panelists rated 1% fat soft serve ice cream prepared with Grindsted IcePro SS just as creamy as 5% fat soft serve, and sensory testing showed no significant difference in preference between them.