Danish food ingredient firm Danisco has announced the launch of a restructuring plan involving several sites in Denmark, France, Germany and Holland.

In France, Danisco plans to restructure at sites acquired with Rhodia Food in May 2004. The restructuring is aimed at enhancing Danisco's production efficiency and safeguarding the cost competitiveness of the xanthan and culture media businesses.

The planned French restructuring includes the discontinuation of dairy media production in Vinay to concentrate all Danisco's European media production in Tønder, Denmark, as well as the adjustment of the production structure at the xanthan plant in Melle. The restructuring plan will lead to the loss of around 45 jobs.

"The restructuring in France is essential for Danisco's competitiveness and to maintain its position on the global xanthan and media markets," said Ole Rasmussen, president of Danisco France.

The company also plans to cut five jobs in Niebüll, Germany, four jobs at the innovation centre in Brabrand, and close to 20 jobs in Zaandam, Holland.

Media consist of powder blends (milk protein, soy, glucose, etc.) formulated to provide the nutritional medium for lactic bacteria growth in milk and are produced through the mechanical mixing of nutrient ingredients.

Xanthan gum is a texturant agent that has numerous uses in food and cosmetic products, among others. Within food applications, the main use of xanthan is as a stabilising agent in salad dressing, sauces, beverages, mayonnaise, ketchup, bakery products and dairy desserts.