Activia Greek comes to Canada

Activia Greek comes to Canada

Danone is adding a Greek-style line to its Activia yoghurt range in Canada.

Activia Greek is available in six flavours: lime, cherry, orchard fruits, raspberry & lemon, mango and vanilla.

"Consumers are very loyal to Activia and the development of a new 'Greek' version of Canada's favourite brand is a direct result of the demand," Pauline Varga, vice president of marketing at Danone Canada, said.

Danone cited data from Nielsen that said the Greek yoghurt segment represents 25% of yoghurt sales in Canada. Among the 83 new yoghurt launches 66% were in the Greek segment.

Greek yoghurt has regularly grabbed the headlines on both sides of the Atlantic in recent years. Demand is booming in the US, where the sector is led by privately-owned Chobani, although the company is facing increasing competition from Danone and General Mills.

In the UK, manufacturers have launched more lines - but the way the products are marketed has come under scrutiny.

Last month, The UK Court of Appeal upheld a judgement made last March that ruled products sold as 'Greek yoghurt' had to be made in Greece.

Total yoghurt owner Fage had claimed Chobani's products on sale in the UK could not be labelled 'Greek' as it was made in the US.

Chobani re-labelled its UK lines as 'strained' yoghurt after the March judgement but has asserted it will take its battle over the term 'Greek' yoghurt to the UK Supreme Court.

Danone was also forced to relabel is Danio yoghurts on sale in the UK as 'strained'.

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Canada's #1 line of yogurt, Activia by Danone1, launches a new Greek yogurt to celebrate it's 10th anniversary!

BOUCHERVILLE, QC, Feb. 13, 2014 /CNW Telbec/ - In 2014, the Greek yogurt category continues to gain marketshare. In Canada alone, the Greek segment is now no.1 and represents 25 per cent of total yogurt sales (in $)2.Among the 83 new yogurt launches in 2013, 66 per cent were in the Greek segment. It is within this context that Activia by Danone, Canada's number one yogurt brand for past seven years is proud to announce the launch of its new Activia Greek. This launch is just one of the many celebrations expected this year to commemorate the brand's 10th anniversary in Canada.

The benefits of probiotics, the pleasure of Greek yogurt's texture! 
"Consumers are very loyal to Activia and the development of a new 'Greek' version of Canada's favourite brand is a direct result of the demand. With this product, consumers can find a unique texture, offered in 0% M.F., with two times more protein as our regular stirred yogurt per 100g; - it's the perfect opportunity to get everyone to increase their dairy, calcium and protein consumption," explains Pauline Varga, Vice President of Marketing at Danone Canada.

Activia Greek contains the exclusive, patented strain of B.L. Regularis probiotics, combined with the delicious texture of Greek yogurt. This product is available in six delicious flavours: lime, cherry, orchard fruits, raspberry & lemon, mango and vanilla.

Activia celebrates 10 years: keep an eye out for innovative and creative communications 
This year, Activia celebrates 10 years in Canada. With festivities and surprises throughout the year, Canada's number one yogurt, selling the equivalent of 3.5 billion yogurt cups since its launch, will not disappoint. "The new Activia Greek launch is only the beginning of many celebrations surrounding the 10th anniversary of the brand in Canada," adds Pauline Varga.
This launch exemplifies Danone's leadership position in the world of yogurt in Canada. "This innovation is all the more pertinent, considering that nearly 2/3 of the Canadian population do not consume enough dairy products,"3 concludes Ms. Varga.

About Danone
Danone Inc. in Canada is a member of the Danone Group, a world agrifood leader. As a manufacturer and distributor of quality products that combine good taste and healthy ingredients, Danone is currently the largest Canadian producer of yogurt and other fresh dairy products. Danone's mission is to bring improved health through food to as many people as possible. Beyond its commercial interest, the company is convinced that eating one yogurt a day can lead to improved health for everyone - keeping in mind that Danone remains true to its scientific approach and firmly believes in the benefits of its yogurts.

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