French food giant Danone is to make a move into the fruit purée market with the launch of two product ranges next month.

The firm said it is entering a new category that is "very close and consistent" with its mission of providing health and nutrition through its products.

Gervais Fruitpote and Taillefine Les Jardins Gourmands will launch in two weeks, the firm said today (17 December) and comprises an offering for children and adults.

Gervais Fruitpote is targeted towards children and comprises of 90% fruit puree and 10% milk. Five flavours include Apple & Banana and Apple & Pear.

Taillefine Les Jardins Gourmands is targeted towards women who want to "take care of their bodies" and are interested in health and wellbeing. Seven varieties include; Basket of Apples and Apple Delight - Strawberry.

A spokesperson for Danone told just-food that it entered the category due to its strong development over the last three years.

"We had a strong plan, we decided to enter this market with strong investment, and we are quite ambitious about the future of this segment. We have strong support in terms of advertising and point of sale, and strong support mainly targeted to trial. So we are not entering the market with a premium positioning, we are focusing on trial," the spokesperson said.

While Danone said it considers France as a "strong" market for the product, the firm said it will see how the product is received in the country making a decision on whether to roll it out to other countries.

Danone has also began trials of its Densia yoghurt in France, which the food giant initially launched in Spain last year.

The trial is currently taking place in Brive and targets women up to the age of 50 years that have problems with osteoporosis.

"Success if pretty good in Spain so we are testing it in France (Brive) in order to find a good model and a good mix and to see if we have the potential to launch it further in France," the spokesperson told just-food. "We are waiting for the results in order to make our decision."