French food giant Danone has launched a range of yoghurts and desserts for the Belgian market.

The Belorigine range includes three yoghurts in Strawberry, Cherry and Syrup flavours; yoghurt drinks in Strawberry and Original flavours; Belgian chocolate and Gingerbread flavoured mousses; and Vanilla and Belgian chocolate desserts.

The yoghurts are available in 500g pots with an RRP of EUR1.69 a pot, while the yoghurt drinks retail at EUR2.29 for a pack of 8 x 100ml.

The mousses have an RRP of EUR1.70 per 4 x 60g pack and the puddings are available in packs of 4 x 125g for EUR1.89.

“Belorigine Danone is a 100% Belgian creation,” the firm said. “And all nine products are manufactured with local flavours from Belgium, in the Danone factory in Rotselaar with the help of local partners.”

Danone added: “This development illustrates the reality more than ever of Danone to be a “great local company. In other words, to build on the knowledge and advantages of a multinational using the service of local people.”

The Belorigine range will be available from 26 April.