Danone rapped over ad campaign

Danone rapped over ad campaign

The UK's advertising watchdog has said a campaign from Danone for its Aptamil with Pronutra+ breached advertising standards because it created confusion "between infant formula and follow-on formula".

Danone launched Pronutra+ in the UK in June last year. The range of follow-on formula and "growing up milk", aimed at babies over six months and toddlers, is part of the Aptamil line of baby food products.

However, in its ruling the UK Advertising Standards Authority said a number of adverts in Danone's marketing initiative for Pronutra+ blurred the lines between follow-on and infant formula. UK law prohibits the advertising of infant formula and states that "marketing communications must not confuse between infant and follow-on formula", the ASA said.

"We considered that, despite the fact that the ads appeared as part of a wider advertising campaign, it would not be possible to accurately predict consumers' prior knowledge of the Pronutra+ product range and, especially in view of the specific legislation to which the marketing of formula products was subject, it was necessary for [Danone formula arm] Nutricia to ensure that each ad made clear the status of the product being advertised."

The regulator launched its investigation into the advertising campaign following a complaint from Nestle and two members of the public.

In its concluding remarks, the ASA said the ads "must not appear again in their current form".