Danzas and naturabella, the Italy - based B2B Organic Organizer have signed a co-operation agreement which will make organically grown products more accessible and provide cost savings to the average consumer.  Danzas - the leading global provider of logistics solutions, will provide procurement solutions and deliver naturabella-sourced organic products globally, be they in courier packages or container loads.  Mr. Andrej Gruden, CEO of naturabella points out that "In the context of recent Europe wide health alerts and the emerging back-to-basics culture, organic produce is the solution for a healthy diet. Organic produce should not be the privilege of the affluent few, but rather a choice available to everyone within their family budget. Organic produce will now hopefully become the "H & M", not the "Gucci" as it has been in the past". naturabella is the leading organic produce business-to-business provider, managing financing, certification and logistics solutions for industry and wholesalers.