David Schwartz, president and CEO of Quality Meat Packers Limited of Toronto has been elected president of the Canadian Meat Council (CMC) for 2002.

Schwartz welcomed the appointment, saying: "The members of the CMC, operators of federally inspected meat processing facilities, are committed to supplying the highest quality, wholesome meat and meat products for Canadian consumers and customers around the world.

"All operations in our plants are continually monitored by inspectors from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency who search out unhealthy livestock, diseased carcasses, and over-see all processing operations including residue monitoring, good manufacturing processes, ingredients, and labelling information.

"Approximately 90% of Canadian meat production is federally inspected and the consumer seal of wholesomeness is the round legend, with the crown in the middle and the establishment number in the circle, which can be found on carcasses, cartons, and meat packages," he concluded.

Schwartz commenced his career with a public accounting firm and, in 1983, transferred to the Controller's Office of the hog and pork processing business. Since then he has held several positions in the organization, including assistant controller, sales director, and VP, sales and marketing.

In 1995, Schwartz assumed his present duties, marking him the third generation to direct the family-owned business.

A Director of the Canadian Meat Council since 1995, Mr. Schwartz served as a Vice-President for the past 4 years.