Aryzta CEO Owen Killian has claimed the Swiss bakery group's two acquisitions will extend the firm's global presence and build its business in more channels.

Killian said the acquisitions of US firms Fresh Start Bakeries and Great Kitchens will make Aryzta less dependent on Europe and bolster the business' "quick service restaurant and large retail" customers.

Before the deals, Killian said Aryzta enjoyed sales of EUR1.6bn - two-thirds of which were generated in Europe and one-third in North America.

The Fresh Start Bakeries and Great Kitchens will increase Aryzta's annual revenues to EUR2.4bn - with the proportion of sales from Europe dropping to 49% and North America accounting for 45% of turnover.

Nevertheless, despite Fresh Start Bakeries having its headquarters in the US, it has 29 production facilities in markets including Germany and Australia. The business also has ventures Chile and Guatemala, as well as in North America.

"The acquisitions give us 30 speciality factories across nine countries," Killian said. He added that the deals "pretty well doubles our output".

Speaking to analysts after Aryzta announced the deals yesterday (8 June), Killian said the additions of Fresh Start Bakeries and Great Kitchens to the group would mean QSR and large retail customers accounted for "over half" the business - as opposed to 32%.

"We see ourselves better positioned to grow, with capability in the developing parts of the market," Killian said.