US food producer Del Monte Foods has announced that it is to launch a new range of low-carbohydrate canned fruit.

The company said its new line of Carb Clever canned fruit is aimed at those who miss out on fruit while following a low-carbohydrate diet. The range includes sliced peaches, fruit cocktail, sliced pears, pear chunks and peach chunks.

Del Monte Foods said the canned fruit provides the same nutritional benefits of regular canned fruit, but has 50 to 70% fewer carbs.

"The new Del Monte Carb Clever line fills the need for increased fruit intake as part of an overall healthy diet, as well as supplying low-carb dieters a means to satisfy their craving for something sweet without sacrificing their dieting principles," the company said, citing ACNielsen research that suggests 44% of low-carb dieters have either cut back or stopped eating fruit as a result of the diet.

Rather than packing the fruit in syrup or natural fruit juices, Del Monte Carb Clever is packed in water and sweetened with Splenda brand sweetener.