Encouraging a wide variety of nutrition choices and a greater emphasis on physical education will bring about workable solutions to health challenges facing young people, said the Grocery Manufacturers of America (GMA) at a state-sponsored "healthy school" summit. The two-day conference allowed educators, health experts, lawmakers, and state officials to explore solutions to rising concerns over childhood obesity and inactivity in California.

"Recently proposed federal Dietary Guidelines offer Americans practical yet flexible advice to promote better nutrition and health without grasping for simplistic solutions to complex issues," said Lisa Katic, a registered dietitian and GMA Director, Scientific and Nutrition Policy. "We need to focus our efforts on building bridges between various stakeholders interested in promoting healthy lifestyles. Finding common ground is common sense.

"We also need to put physical activity back into play," said Katic. "For the first time, the Dietary Guidelines give a higher priority to encouraging greater physical activity. Indeed, we need to see regular physical activity made a part of every child's school day."

Katic pointed to a new statement released by the President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports bemoaning the "epidemic of physical activity among our nation's youth." The Council urges school districts to make daily, quality physical education part of their core curriculums.

"The President's Council correctly notes that the teaching of physical education is now greatly diminished or non-existent," said Katic. "The food industry is playing a role in contributing time, money, and innovative ideas to address this public health challenge. These efforts include partnerships with schools, community athletic groups, and non-profit organizations to encourage greater participation in recreational sports and promote increased physical activity.

"We need to avoid unscientific attacks on specific categories of foods. This approach detracts from meaningful efforts to address issues such as obesity, malnutrition, and physical inactivity."

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