DigiScents, Inc., the pioneer of digital scent technology, and eCandy.com Inc., the leading online candy destination offering confectionery products, have announced a partnership to scent-enable eCandy's website. eCandy recently announced a marketing and distribution deal with Nestle USA. "Imagine sending a scented Mother's Day card or virtual box of chocolates," stated DigiScents' CEO, Joel Bellenson. "Digital scent will radically transform the online shopping experience. Digital scent will make it easy and fun to try flavors and combinations you've never smelled before, like candies from other countries and cultures." "Adding scent to the eCandy site will create the nostalgia and fun of a real candy store," stated Rani Aliahmad, eCandy's co-founder. "Digital scent technology is a unique way to showcase our products to our customers and adds an entirely new dimension to their shopping experience."