D'Lis Food, a subsidiary of Belgian frozen vegetable processor Pinguin, has closed a strategic alliance with Primel to sell their products in France and the Benelux.

Primel Gastronomie, a subsidiary of SILL (Société Industrielle Laitière du Léon), is the French marketleader of fresh-frozen ready meals under private label. Through an increase of share-capital, Primel will control 20% of D'Lis Food, with immediate effect.

The company said that the deal will allow it to considerably increase the production volume at the "Pinguin Convenience Cuisine" factory, through which the critical minimum volume for this year will be realised. The technology which Pinguin Convenience Cuisine carries to blend and sauce-coat vegetables, is complementary with the technology at Primel.

In related news, D'Lis Food has also announced the takeover of Euragra in France.

Brittany-based Euragra is a high-quality level producer of fresh-frozen leaf vegetables, vegetable purees, soups and sauces. The products from Euragra are complementary to the ones from Pinguin, D'Lis Food and Primel. Euragra has a turnover of €9m (US$8m) and a staff of 45 people.

The integration of Euragra into D'Lis Food is expected to provide further breakthrough in the development of the "Pinguin Convenience Cuisine".