Dr Schar has launched a new frozen pasta range in the UK

Dr Schar has launched a new frozen pasta range in the UK

Dr Schar has announced a rebranding of its DS Gluten Free portfolio in the UK and added products to its local portfolio.

The range - renamed Schar - will feature a "more contemporary and modern" look and sees eight products added to the line.

New products include a caramel Chocolix bar, oat-based breakfast bakes and Italian frozen meal solutions.

"Schär is dedicated to improving the lives of those living gluten free and we are delighted to be introducing the brand to the UK. As Europe’s favourite gluten free brand, we know that Schär will delight new shoppers to the category as well as loyal DS-gluten free consumers, introducing them to a range of gluten-free products that up until now have not been available on UK shelves," said Bradley Grimshaw, commercial director at Dr Schar UK.

Breakfast Bakes are made from gluten free oats and are priced at GBP1.69 (US$2.57) for a pack. Fruit Bars contain a plum and fig filling and are GBP1.49 for a pack of five. The Chocolix dessert is priced at GBP2.19.

Schar has also introduced Panini Rolls for a "deli-style lunch" priced at GBP2.19. Its pasta range features three products and is GBP2.99. It has also introduced gluten-free Cream Crackers at GBP2.69 for a pack of six.

The new products are available from September in major UK supermarkets.