Brand New Brands has announced the launch of Dreamerz Foods, a new category of all natural products that promote sleep and relaxation.

The first Dreamerz Foods dairy beverage products will reach San Francisco-area stores and be available online in early 2007, including chocolate snores, vanilla van winkle and creme de la REM flavours.

Brand New Brands' current investors, including Burrill & Company, Great Spirit Ventures, Prolog Ventures and Unilever Ventures, participated in the funding of the launch, the company said.

"Sleep-related problems are a growing and concerning issue in our culture - and there is a lack of efficacious and natural product options for people committed to pursuing a healthy lifestyle," said William Rosenzweig, chief executive officer of Brand New Brands and chairman of Dreamerz Foods' board of directors. "Dreamerz Foods' products offer an alternative to pharmaceuticals and use great-tasting, natural foods to deliver safe, functional ingredients that produce scientifically proven benefits - so people can sleep well at night and wake up with energy and passion for life each day."

Dreamerz Foods is the fourth company launched by Brand New Brands.

Amanda Steele, Dreamerz Foods' founder and chief executive officer, said: "We see a strong need for sleep products that really work without the side effects that worry consumers. Sleep is as important to a healthy lifestyle as diet and exercise, but too many of us aren't getting enough. Dreamerz allows people to treat themselves to a delicious dessert drink that helps them relax and fall asleep naturally."

Other Brand New Brands products include Attune Foods probiotic wellness bars, LightFull Foods smoothies, and Corazonas Foods, tortilla chips that the company said reduce cholesterol.