According to a new report from the Incoma research institute, the ongoing process of consolidation which has featured in the Czech retail sector has already lead to a dominance of the food market by just five retailers, most of them foreign. Between them, the top five generated revenues of US$2.48bn, showing the extent to which Czech consumers have embraced the supermarket concept, relatively new in their country.

As expected, Ahold of the Netherlands was among the top five, with its fasciae Prima and Hypernova, as was Belgium's Delhaize with Delvita. Germany as well represented Rewe's Penny Market and Billa in top five along with Metro's Makro and Kaufland.

Incoma added that earlier research had indicated consumers preferred to shop in Kaufland, with Penny Market in second place. The Czech Republic now has 80 supermarkets and hypermarkets, with this figure expected to rise to 100 by the end of 2001.